Energy Pellet: Fuel from Biomass “Buying Rice Straw, Sugarcane Leaf, Corncob, and Agricultural Waste” Project

“Transforming Agricultural Waste into Alternative Energy: Working Towards a Pollution-Free Earth”

PM2.5 Air Pollution and Global Warming: Problems from Improper Agricultural Waste Management

The increasingly severe pollution issues found today are a result of improper agricultural waste management among Thai farmers. Materials such as rice straw, sugarcane leaf, and corncob are often burnt using incorrect methods that can cause environmental impacts ranging from CO2emissions, PM2.5 air pollution, to global warming, all of which affects the health and quality of life of the general public in the nation.

Buying Waste to Lower Incineration: Transforming Agricultural Waste into Alternative Energy

Since the end of 2019, SCG’s Cement-Building Materials Business, Siam Kubota and Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand have promoted agriculturalists to carry out incineration-free farming by introducing a total of 14 buying posts for rice straw, sugarcane leaf, corncob, and other agricultural waste. With a modern compressed packing technology, the waste is easily transported in order to be used as alternative energy in large industrial factories such as cement factories. This project can help ease PM2.5 pollution as well as global warming due to improper agricultural burning. Moreover, the project allowed Thai farmers to generate more income and helped factories save energy during the manufacturing process, all of which is in line with the concept of using resources to its full potential according to circular economy.

Target to Launch Buying Programs Nationwide to Ease Pollution and Global Warming

Today, SCG has established a total of 14 buying posts: at the five cement factories in Saraburi, Lampang, and NakhonSi Thammaratprovinces, and at its network of CPAC concrete plants. SCG plans to increase the number of buying posts to 20 posts nationwide to properly process the agricultural waste into alternative energy at its cement factories without polluting the environment. Moreover, SCG will be raising awareness among other sectors on adding value to agricultural waste in order to generate more alternative energy in the future.



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