Agri-Circular Economy

Today, farmers who rely on agricultural activities to make a living face numerous challenges such as limited resources and climate instability, thus, all relevant sectors must join forces in order to plan how to efficiently manage agricultural resources to cut down on the use of resources, lower costs, increase agricultural products, and generate a sustainable and stable income for farmers.

During this brainstorming session, all sectors are invited to share and learn about best practices in agri-circular economy, from end-to-end solutions in line with the New Agriculture Theory, water management for agriculture, lowering costs for farm management, using innovation and technology to enhance the efficiency of agricultural activities, and managing agricultural waste in order to add value to resources. Moreover, academics, agricultural networks, as well as the public and private sectors are invited to join in the brainstorming activity to seek a solution that will apply agri-circular economy practices to promote sustainability in the agricultural sector in tangible ways and to help farmers – a main occupation in the nation – to sustainably rely on themselves while helping others in a larger circle.

Inspirational Speakers

คุณบุญมี สุระโคตร
Bunmee Surakhot
Chairman of Ban Um-sang Rice Community Enterprise Srisaket Province
96สุรเจตส์ บุญญาอรุณเนตร Action2
Surajate Boonya-aroonnet, Ph.D.
Director of Hydro Informatics Innovation Division Hydro-Informatics Institute
ดร. โชติพงศ์ กาญจนประโชติ
Assistant Professor Dr. Choatpong Kanjanaphachoat
Head of the Agriculture Innovation Center (AIC)

Faculty of Engineering and Agro-Industry Agricultural Engineering Maejo University

ผศ.ดร. พีระศักดิ์ ฉายประสาท
Assistant Professor Dr. Peerasak Chaiprasart
Dean, Faculty of Agriculture Natural Resources and Environment Naresuan University